We recently had a VP refer to the team at Sales Search International as his “secret weapon.” This was a wonderful compliment because it’s one of those lines so many recruiting firms use on clients and candidates, so to hear it come from one of them really reaffirms the dedication and commitment needed to deliver above expectation in this industry. But it also gave us pause and made us consider what it truly means to us to be the secret weapon companies in the software sales industry need to compete in one of the toughest and most valuable talent markets today. There is no debating the scarcity of software sales talent. Just a quick review of the MPCs (Most Placeable Candidates) on our website reveals a very telling picture of the state of talent. The best of the best, are already employed, producing and succeeding for other companies. So, what is it that makes us a secret weapon in this war for talent?


Over the past three decades Sales Search International has emerged as one of the oldest and largest search firms in North America specializing in placing sales and marketing talent in the Cloud, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Networking, Security, IT Consulting and E-commerce Industries. Since 1987 we have completed over 3000 successful searches and placed over a billion dollars in total compensation. This level of success is hard won in our industry, and we constantly leverage this experience and the connections we’ve made along the way to help our clients gain access to candidates that they would never find otherwise, largely because these candidates are not even passively seeking out new opportunities. Talented and driven professionals that may otherwise ignore prospects are often eager to hear what we bring them because they understand the quality of the companies with whom we work.


Many of the clients with whom we partner are eager to do so repeatedly because they recognize the positive association that comes with working with Sales Search International. Just as candidates are more apt to work with us because of our reputation, client companies that have partnered with us in the past know that we present ourselves in a way that positively promotes their name among the community of software sales professionals. We realize that to the software sales talent community we are seen as an extension of the companies we represent, and our longstanding clients understand this as well, which is why the partnerships we form with clients often turn into long-term relationships.


In the end nothing matters more and nothing speaks louder than results. Over thirty years of success and 3,000 placements doesn’t come by accident. It comes by being able to deliver where others often fail. While today is a time of exceptional competition, Sales Search International has always known that premier talent is hard to find, no matter the industry climate, and our ability to locate and attract that level of talent is what has allowed us to maintain our reputation across the industry and build and foster the relationships with clients and candidates who have positioned us for continued success.

At Sales Search International, we want to be that secret weapon for your organization, but we know there’s a lot more to the task than just talk. Simply put, we deliver. We are constantly growing and maintaining a database of industry-leading professionals who have chosen to use Sales Search International as their sole access to new opportunities in the software sales industry. As companies scramble to locate or retain these high-demand professionals, a partnership with us offers instant access to top players, making us a secret weapon that helps you win the war for talent.

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Building World-Class Software Sales Teams

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