Being successful at software sales is more than just bringing in the dollars—yes, that is the ultimate goal, but there is more to sales than just a short-term deal. The top software sales reps work toward improving and growing with each experience and gaining new skills that can help them with return clients and new clients alike. 

Here are four traits you should look for when hiring your next software sales rep. 

Highly Engaged 

The most successful software sales representatives love their jobs and love the products they work with every day. They are motivated and passionate about what they do and represent their organizations well. These reps are always ready to talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time; they are your secret weapon


To be one of the best, you must also have the ability to own up to your own mishaps. Top software sales reps know when it is time to take ownership of their words or actions and they don’t try to sweep it under the rug. Mistakes happen, that’s a part of life—but how you handle them shows your true character. 

Relationship Driven 

Top software sales reps know how to read people and how to work with each client on their level. Once a sale is complete, it doesn’t stop there. A great salesperson will check in every so often and maintain those strong bonds with existing clients, building trust and ensuring loyalty and satisfaction. Understanding that not all sales happen on their timeline and they take the time to work with prospective clients regularly—not just when its time to sell. 


Teachable software salespeople approach everyday situations and criticism as an opportunity to learn, develop and grow. By being open to feedback, they can see what needs to change and implement that change where appropriate. These salespeople take time to evaluate their work and goals and can then adjust to achieve the goals that are set. They know their strengths and weakness and they work to improve daily. 

At Sales Search International, we know how to find top software sales reps for your organization. Our database of industry-leading professionals continues to grow and we are confident that we will deliver you top talent. If your company is ready to explore the talent pool, let’s begin the search. 

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Building World-Class Software Sales Teams

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Building World-Class Software Sales Teams