Even the best sales organizations can have periods of time when their results fall flat. Often, new product launches or rapid growth can make even a typically strong sales organization struggle. Don’t wait, thinking the problem will just correct itself.

Take ownership of first, understanding what’s causing the problem and then pinpointing the remedy. Here are three reasons your team isn’t selling:

1. They’re Not Understanding the Buyer’s Pain

Probing questions that get to the root of the buyer’s pain or problem are important for two reasons. In the sales process there should be a direct correlation between the buyer’s pain and a solutions that will address that pain. Without business pain, there is no business. Equally important, buyers who believe that their pain is clearly understood will be more willing to share critical information throughout the buying process and will work harder to understand the solutions being presented. As a sales leader, effectively assessing where you’re losing out in the sales cycle may uncover opportunities where the pain wasn’t understood well enough.

2. They Aren’t Selling Value and Differentiation

“The price is too high,” is a common objection. In reality, this statement means the buyer didn’t perceive that the benefits of your solution were worth the investment. Thus, your sales rep may not have adequately explored the full scope of the problem, and then clearly articulated the solution’s value. The prospect also needs effective understanding of how your solutions is different from your competitors’. Oftentimes, sales leaders may think their sales teams are crystal clear on the value and differentiation of their products. If your sales numbers are coming up short, ask five reps these two questions:

  • What problems do we solve for our customers?
  • What makes us different from our competitors?

If you get five different answers, you likely have a messaging problem in your sales organization.

3. They Need a Stronger Sales and Qualification Process

To generate the maximum amount of revenue per rep, your selling process should be aligned well with the buyer’s journey. The best sales processes align with the prospect’s buying process and contain an effective way to qualify deals along the way. In other words, sellers need to be able to qualify a prospect by “reading the buying signs.”

Customer Verifiable Outcomes allow the customer to participate in the selling process. They indicate their “buying” state-of-mind. They may include things like:

  • Documented pain points
  • Implications of the customer’s current situation
  • Knowledge the organization is ready to invest resources

Using Customer Verifiable Outcomes as criteria in your sales process earns your sellers the right to advance the opportunity to the next stage of the buying process. As a result, sellers are better able to verify areas where they would otherwise be guessing. if reps can determine these benchmarks, they are less likely to lose the opportunity.



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