Simone de Beauvoir famously said, “Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” While the quote has largely been carried into the realm of inspirational and motivational rhetoric, it’s exceptionally applicable to the search and acquisition of top talent. If 2017 was any indication of the growth we will see in 2018, then it is quite apparent that, like Ms. Beauvoir advised, organizations wishing to take advantage of the optimistic economic outlook need not “gamble on the future” and take the necessary steps today to secure the professionals they need to grow into tomorrow. At Sales Search International, we have established a first-rate reputation on our ability to find the best professionals, not the most available, and connect them with our clients, promoting the growth and success of all parties. It is this fundamental understanding of who “the best” are and how to attract software sales talent that allows us the opportunity to work again and again with numerous clients.

The Best are not on Your Desk

While not entirely impossible, it is highly unlikely that among the pile of resumes stacked on your desk is one belonging to the most talented professional your company needs. The best talent probably doesn’t even know about your opportunity because they’re not looking at any opportunities. The best of the best aren’t searching job listings and submitting resumes. They are doing the work that makes them the best in their field, and no matter how many ads you post, billboards you put up or resumes you review, they are too busy getting better at what it is they do to notice your efforts. These passive candidates are the professionals you need, but how do you get them?

Igniting Their Interest

Engaging passive candidates is a delicate endeavor and one that requires an experienced partner. As with anything that is high demand and low supply, there is an element of competition that must be recognized in order to effectively attract passive candidates. In the case of these individuals, you’re greatest competition is their current employer. When you partner with Sales Search International, we identify what sets your opportunity and organization apart and leverage your company’s unique value with our understanding of the market to communicate a strong message to these candidates, allowing them to see the potential for their professional growth with your business. We do more than just get them interested in a new opportunity; we get them excited for your opportunity.

Navigating the Process

Locating and inspiring passive talent is only one part of the process, albeit one in which we at Sales Search International are very successful. However, we understand that the process isn’t complete until the placement is fulfilled. Our experience has taught us that other organizations are aware of the value of passive talent and are taking their own measures to locate and attract them. The strength in a partner such as us is that we have an established network and a solid reputation, allowing us to access the individuals you need to propel your organization. We employ our extensive experience in your company’s effort to find the best passive talent before anyone else and keep those professionals focused on your opportunity. We establish trust with the candidates we work with, and in doing so, we grow foster their faith in your organization.

Sales Search International has built a reputation of trusted success not by simply filling vacancies but by locating and placing the best talent with exceptional organizations. We have perfected the process of locating passive talent, inspiring them to explore opportunities and helping them navigate the hiring process in a way that keeps them excited about furthering their professional lives. In 2018, the ability to quickly attract and land industry-leading talent will be what separates the companies that enjoy exponential growth and the ones that stagnate. If your firm is ready to capitalize on a burgeoning economy, contact Sales Search International to begin the search for the best talent.

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