Fourth quarter is almost here and you may think it’s too late to finish the year strong with new talent. Guess what? With the right recruiting partner, you can strengthen your software sales team and end the year on a high note. However, the time to act is now. Shoring up your talent bench today also gives your organization an advantage over the competition in 2019.

Why look now?

As the fourth quarter looms, many organizations are battening down the hatches, turning toward their present teams and hoping to eke out what they can from what they have. This presents a unique opportunity for those businesses with the foresight to think about tomorrow as well as today. Historically, as the year draws closer to its end, professionals are less and less likely to make a career transition. This is especially true in the world of sales. Many individuals become less willing to make a career change as they inch closer to annual bonuses. The sooner you anticipate your talent needs, the better chance you have of elevating your team now and next year.

New talent today means established talent tomorrow

At Sales Search International, we are experts in connecting our clients with highly qualified candidates. More specifically, we find candidates that uniquely fit both the technical and cultural demands of an organization. Even with our laser precision, however, we understand that a certain period of adjustment is to be expected. This is why we work diligently to acquire the right players right away. We deliver sales professionals that can bring an immediate impact to your fourth quarter while also growing in your organization. This allows them to add on to their initial impact in 2019.

Isn’t it already too late?

With the year almost gone, acquiring high-impact talent quickly enough to elevate the final quarter of 2018 may seem unlikely. Sales Search International guarantees a successful placement for our engaged searches, presenting you with qualified talent within days of launching your campaign. Formidable resources, strong relationships and a vast network allow us to pinpoint the talent you need. Our candidates have what it takes to end your 2018 strong and start the new year ahead of the competition.

Fourth quarter is just around the corner, but there’s still time to take your talent bench to the next level. Take the first step toward a brighter 2019 now, in 2018. Your company’s success depends on the quality of your talent. And finding the best talent starts with partnering with a great recruiting partner. With guaranteed retained services promising a 30-day turnaround, there is no better partner than Sales Search International.

Why Us? … Metrics Matter!

  • 30+ years of experience building world class technology sales teams
  • 100+ years of combined sales & marketing recruiting experience
  • 3,000+ placements with over 2000+ technology & software clients
  • Worked with 300,000+ technology sales & marketing candidates
  • Time to fill 2-4 weeks vs. industry average of 90+ days
  • 99% success on all engaged searches
  • Only 5 replacement searches over 3+ decades
  • Pinnacle Society Member – top 75 recruiters in the world

Building World-Class Software Sales Teams

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Building World-Class Software Sales Teams

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Building World-Class Software Sales Teams

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