Search Models

We understand that your hiring needs and priorities can change and so can your resources. That’s why when it comes to our IT sales recruiting firm, we’re flexible and offer a variety of services to help you meet your objectives.

Search Models

Contingency Search

Exclusive Search

Priority Search

Retained Search

Best Efforts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Risk Level 0 30 day 30 days 90 days
New Hire Guarantee No No Yes Yes
Candidate Owenership No Yes Yes Yes
Recruiter #’s 1 2 3 3+ research
Weekly Updates No No Yes Yes
Multi-Medium Sourcing No No Yes Yes
25 Step Vetting Process No Yes Yes Yes
Credit vs. Quality Focus Yes No No No
Agency Control None Yes Yes Yes
Replacement Guarantee 30 days 60 days 90 days 180 days
Success Ratio <20% 50% +/- 100% 100%
$ Back Guarantee No No Yes Yes
Value Prop Design No Yes Yes Yes
Competitive Stack Ranking No No Yes Yes
W2 Verification No Yes Yes Yes
Quota Verification No Yes Yes Yes
Back-Channel Reference Check No No Yes Yes
Daylight Recruiting No Yes Yes Yes
Candidate Experience Ok Good Great Awesome
$ Negotiations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fee 25% 20% 20% 20%
Exclusivity None 30 days Exclusive Exclusive
Commitment None
30 days
Interview Dates
30 days
$5,000 Deposit
90 days
1/3 @ start
1/3 @ short-list
1/3 @ end

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