Alright hiring managers, it’s time to have a conversation about your hiring practices. No, not the process, but the indecisiveness you may face during that process.

Let’s say your software sales recruiters delivered 15 qualified candidates to your desk and you’ve gone through the process of interviewing the ones you’re interested in. Then you freeze. You can’t decide who to hire or if any of the candidates are “perfect” enough for your business. The process just stops. You leave yourself, your company and your candidates in limbo and they move on. Now you’re back to square one.

It’s time for an Indecision Intervention to help you move forward with your hiring process and fill the open positions at your company.

Why You Need to Make a Hiring Decision

Having open positions at your company isn’t ideal and the longer they sit, the worse it gets. Here’s why:

  1. Money and time go down the drain. The longer a position is open, the more it costs your company. It can take a lot of hours from multiple people to make a hiring decision and the longer you wait the worse it gets. If you want to calculate just how much you could be losing, look at this chart to see how much your indecision is costing your business.
  2. Your team is overworked. When someone leaves, it can be a difficult transition when someone is not immediately hired to fill the role. Usually, the remaining team members have to pick up some of the slack and do extra work to make up for the missing team member.
  3. Things get forgotten.  With your team making up for the missing team member, things on their daily checklist get forgotten. They run out of time to make things happen and the efficiency of your business starts to slow. This can lead to some very unhappy clients.
  4. You’re losing good candidates. Candidates have shelf life and they don’t want to waste their time. Active candidates aren’t looking at your company as the only opportunity; they’re looking at many and, if you take too long to make a decision, they’ll move on. Passive candidates may not be applying to multiple places, but if you take too long to respond, they’ll realize they’re happier where they are.

How You Can Speed Up Your Decisions

You can see that indecisiveness in the hiring process is a problem. We know decisions are difficult and we understand the anxiety surrounding those decisions, so we want to help you face that fear and be more prepared to make those hiring decisions.

  1. Be proactive. There’s nothing more frustrating than an employee leaving with limited notice. It can leave you scrambling to find a replacement and add a lot of stress to your day. Don’t wait for someone to give notice to have a hiring plan. Assemble your core team members to start laying out a process on hiring candidates. Make sure you know which software sales recruiters you’ll be talking to when the time comes, what values you want in your future employees, and what team members will be included in the hiring process. Be careful not to include too many in the process. Too many voices can lead to further indecision on all parts.
  2. Forget perfection. Losing good employees can be hard, especially when someone has been part of your business for a long time. People are all different and since you can’t clone your employees, finding one just like them is going to be impossible. Comparing your candidate pool to the perfect vision in your head is opening yourself up for disappointment.
  3. Accept failure. Bad hires aren’t fun, but unfortunately, they happen. Remember, you have the power. You can make it work with a candidate or you can let them go. With Sales Search International software sales recruiters, we offer a replacement guarantee depending on the search model you choose. You have nothing to worry about.

Hiring new team members is a lot of work and can be a lot of pressure. Having the right hiring practices and accepting reality can help you make hiring decisions faster. By working with the Sales Search International software recruiters team, you can take off some of the pressure in finding the right candidate. We pre-screen every candidate and work with them personally to guarantee they will work well with your team. Our software sales recruiters can help make the hiring decision easier for your team.

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