From enterprise software and traditional networking to cybersecurity and the Internet of things, the demand for software sales talent continues to surge. The market of qualified professionals, however, is not growing anywhere near a rate that could satisfy this demand. As the need for software sales professionals continues to outpace the current and projected talent market, it is vital for companies that are eager to grow and compete to find a better way to access the most driven and qualified sales professionals. Organizations must understand that the conventional methods of acquiring talent such as job boards and unsolicited resumes are exceptionally inadequate when facing an unconventional market.

Leveraging Low Supply

The companies most poised to thrive in an increasingly competitive market for software sales talent are those who see this as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. Locating, attracting and acquiring the best sales professionals will prove to be a decisive advantage as it will only further widen the talent gap between successful companies and their competitors. A key strategy to outmaneuvering competitors in the race for talent is in partnering and collaborating with professionals who have a proven track record in the acquisition of software sales talent.

Talent Isn’t Applying

When considering the necessity of partnering with a leader in the placement of software sales professionals like Sales Search International, one of the primary things to recognize is that the most talented individuals are not looking for your opportunity, much less applying for it. The ability to connect with leading software sales talent goes beyond identifying them. It also requires the knowledge and relationships developed over years of working and partnering with these professionals to help guide them through the process of acting on an opportunity they were not originally considering or of which they weren’t even aware.

Who Does the Talent Trust?

When the best talent isn’t actively pursuing opportunities, it makes it more than difficult to connect with them. It makes it impossible. These talented individuals are dedicated to succeeding within their careers and are too invested in their professional success to dedicate the time and resources to seek out and pursue other opportunities. These professionals, however, are often receptive when contacted by talent acquisition specialists who understand the software sales profession and have an established and successful history in connecting sales talent with better professional avenues.

Partnering with Sales Search International provides organizations with a marked advantage in the search for and placement of the most qualified software sales professionals. We operate with the expediency organizations need in order to quickly place crucial talent. With over three decades of relationship building and successful placements, we know where to look for the most driven talent that best meets your specific software sales needs. Our understanding of the market and strong reputation throughout the industry makes us a premier choice for candidates, which allows your organization access to top-performing professionals. Sales Search International knows how to leverage the short supply of qualified professionals in your favor, so if you are ready to compete at a higher level, a partnership with our firm is the first major step in the right direction.

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