A well-defined sales process makes it easy for reps to execute and for managers to evaluate performance.

Knowing the value of a defined process, here are three tips for defining or strengthening the definition of your organization’s process.

Asses Your Current Process

The starting point to defining your company’s process is to evaluate the current strategies and tactics your reps use to sell. As a leader, you need to fully understand what’s working well and what isn’t. Here are some questions to help you analyze your current sales strategy:

  • How do your sales activities align with the typical buying process of your customers?
  • How do your reps use CRM to enhance the selling process?
  • How do your sales activities correlate with other important functions, such as inside sales and distribution?
  • How well do we leverage strengths in our sales process and in what areas can we better use them?

Operate with a Customer-Centric Approach

Your sales process needs to be aligned with how your buyers buy and should be developed with an outside-in, customer-centric approach. A defined sales process is most effective and efficient when each stage correlates with the activities, values and preferences of your customers. Consider what buyers do and what they expect at each stage. Doing so enhances your ability to qualify and nurture leads, communicate value, and manage relationships.

Communicate, Coach and Assess for Consistency

After you outline the best strategies and tactics for your reps at each stage of the sales cycle, take time to communicate and train. Make your reps aware of the criteria you will use to evaluate performance.

The major benefit of a consistent process for your team is the ability to streamline execution with repeatable steps. You can also focus on in-depth opportunity reviews with a consistent management cadence.

The starting point for defining your company’s sales process is an audit of your current situation. Take time to accurately asses what currently works well and what doesn’t. Built a process that aligns with buyer preferences, coach your team for consistent execution and evaluate for opportunities to improve the process.



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